To help you to choose the best ergonomic chair you can complete the Ergonomic Seating Evaluation Form,. You should also check whether the chair will meet at least the following criteria:

choosing an ergonomic chair

  • Does the seat pan feel comfortable and fit your shape?
    When you sit in the chair the seat pan should be at least one inch wider than your hips and thighs on either side. The seat pan should not be too long for your legs otherwise it will either catch you behind the knees or it will prevent you from leaning fully back against the lumbar support. Most ergonomic chairs have a seat pan with a waterfall front that prevents the seat from catching you behind the knees. The seat pan should also be contoured to allow even weight distribution and it should be comfortable to sit on.
  • Is the seat chair height adjustable?
    For preference the chair should be pneumatically adjustable so that you can adjust seat pan height while you are sitting on the chair. Some chairs have a mechanical height adjustment (spinning) mechanism that is also acceptable.
  • Is the range of height adjustment of the chair sufficient to meet the needs of all users?
    You should be able to adjust the height of the seat pan so that the front of your knees is level or slightly below level and your feet are firmly on the ground. In most cases there should be no need for you to use a footrest. The mechanism to adjust seat height should be easy to reach and operate when you are seated.
  • Does the chair have a comfortable lumbar (lower back) back rest?
    Many chairs have cushioned lumbar supports that can be adjusted up and down and forwards and backwards to best fit your shape. If the chair will be used by multiple users then this level of adjustment may be required. If the chair has a fixed height lumbar support and it feels comfortable when you sit back against this, and you will be the primary user of the chair then a fixed lumbar support may be acceptable.
  • Is the chair back rest large enough to provide good back support?
    Many chairs have back supports that are large enough to provide mid-back and upper-back support, in addition to good lumbar support.
  • When you sit back against the lumbar support is there ample space for hip room?
    Insufficient hip room can make you sit too far forwards on the seat pan so that you will not have enough thigh support.
  • Does the seat pan still feel comfortable after you’ve been sitting in it for 60 – 120 minutes?
    If the seat pan is made from low-density foam then continuous use can cause it to become permanently deformed and then it will not provide adequate cushioned support. Insufficient cushioning and inappropriate contouring can cause discomfort, imbalance and hip and back fatigue.
  • Does the chair backrest recline and support your back in different positions?
    Movement of the back while you are sitting helps to maintain a healthy spine. Look for chairs that allow you to easily recline, that provide you with good back support in different recline postures, and that have a back that tracks where your back is. Locking the chair backrest in one position generally isn’t recommended or beneficial to users.
  • Does the chair have a 5 pedestal base?
    If chair mobility is important to help you to do your work then the chair should have at least a 5 pedestal base with casters that glide freely over the floor surface. You may also want to choose a chair that swivels easily.
  • Do you need armrests on your chair?
    If so, are the armrests broad, contoured, cushioned and comfortable? While sitting can you easily adjust the height of the armrests and can you move the armrests closer together or further apart? Can you easily move the arms out of the way if you need to do this?

Other considerations:

  • Do you need a footrest?
    In the vast majority of situations you should not need a foot support to be able to sit comfortably on your chair? However, if you do need a foot support then choose a free-standing floor-mounted support that allow you to rest your feet out in front of you in a comfortable manner.
  • What chair covering is best?
    Chairs can be covered in a variety of upholstery materials, each of which has benefits and concerns. Vinyl and vinyl-like coverings are easy to clean and spill resistant, but they don’t breath and if the chair begins to heat up under the thighs uncomfortable amounts of moisture can accumulate. Cloth upholstery is the most common covering, but this is less resistant to spills and more difficult to clean. A cloth covered seat pan can also become warm and moisture laden, and cloth covered foam seat pans can be a significant source of dust mite allergen. When selecting your chair covering think about cleaning and maintenance issues and plan appropriately.
  • Do you need an adjustable tilt seat pan ?
    In most situations this is not an essential feature. In some situations it can be helpful to change the tilt of the seat pan to help to maintain a balanced seated posture.

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If you are now on the internet then look around as you are DJ can, then you seem to be serious. Therefore cordial greeting to be a DJ to your decision.

For me it’s a decision that I have rarely regretted. For the fun outweighs every night, even if it’s sometimes exhausting and stressful. In my 26 years behind the decks I would indeed be able to stop every second that again.

In this article I will provide a few answers on how to be DJ.

learn DJing is no question that too little information exists about but there are very many tips, guides, tutorials, seminars and opinions. This is the curse of modern communication facilities such as the Internet. Everyone gives his two cents.

Nevertheless, you are standing still at the beginning, because you do not know of sheer material where you should start at all: Should I only the view for five days running video tutorials on the latest DJ software to me. Or maybe also provides the latest David Guetta video of Ibiza and Tomorrowland important insights about the life of a DJ.

And now you can find even this side on which I will give to more tips on your way to DJ.

This flood of information will increase if you sign into Facebook DJ groups and forums on the Internet. At the latest there you will meet “Hater” that tear your every beginner questions in the air and make you sick with the group of potential DJ colleagues.

Thus, only a few dare to even ask a question. And can easily give the impression that some people are just born as a DJ. The silent majority feels simply overwhelmed by the different opinions.

A gain factor is that there is no organized training system for disc jockeys. So you can not just start or pass an exam at the Chamber of Commerce, and then call you DJ apprenticeship as a DJ. This gap fill out DJ schools that sell the dream of a successful DJ.

So how do you do next?

First, I would not trust anyone who wants to show you a quick way to superstar DJ.

Although I would trust themselves to get you within two weeks as far fit you about standing for half an hour prime time in a jam-packed club with 2,000 guests. Then you were but a nervous wreck. And this half hour would you not be fun. A similar experiment have DJanes Miss Yetti and Fengari on the television program ” flutist is DJane ” made with musician Julia Richter.

Instead, I would be with the idea befriend your DJ and music hobby in the months and years to expand gradually.

Have you ever thought about what makes a disc jockey at all?

DJing looks easy from the outside. The DJ has a headset on, playing two songs consecutively and the people on the dancefloor celebrate / him for it. At best, the DJ mixes the songs even each other.

DJ programs like Mixmeister, Serato or Traktor have become so good that you do not even the beatmatching have so exact beat mixing understood need.Nevertheless, you are so not a DJ.

How do I define the work of a DJ?

I’ll try to define what a DJ, disc jockey or deejay makes ever:

A DJ, a DJ plays strange or own music recordings for an audience of predominantly foreign persons, with the goal of musical performance is to entertain the guests and encourage them to dance.

And I can not only play music that I like. This is one of the most common misconceptions that I space out of the way when people recognize me as a DJ.

When fitting is less about your personal taste in music, as the preferences of the audience. And it takes some time, are you the desires of your audience know so far that you can delight over seven hours with your music your guests.

Why do you want to be a DJ?

Ask yourself first what has ever moved you to the idea of wanting to be a DJ. In the end, it will go in the first years of your career as a DJ it, that you have to biting through.

Start with the goal in mind. Then you will be easier to you about clear what steps you need to do next in order to have quick success.

Where will you hang up?

  • As a club DJ
  • As a mobile DJ for weddings, birthdays and corporate parties
  • As Radio DJ

As Radio DJ maybe you should rather play theater or take singing lessons to train your voice. As a club DJ not you need this skill.

What do I want with theater example addition is that you concentrate better in one thing working. Make the next small step closer brings you to your dream destination: Club DJ, mobile DJ, Radio DJ.

What moves and motivates you?

That’ll be much easier if you already know now, what motivates you?

1. Music as a motivation factor

Is it to express your love for music, the fascination with music and emotions to enhance these feelings in your audience even. About a keen interest in music, many DJs come to hang up. Finally, there is a public confirmation of your existence as a music freak.

How to dj

2. money as a motivating factor

Money is not always a bad motivator. I know excellent DJs that are financed with the laying on her studies. You earn in a few hours what their students need to fill the shelves in supermarkets for weeks.

I too have bolstered my training content with laying. My music hobby has virtually self-funded and over the years I could ever improving technology buy DJ mixers, to buy DJ Controllers, CD players and music systems.

However Want to get rich quick and famous? Then you seeking better another way. Build as your football career from or study law. So you’ll have a better chance to quickly earn big money.

3. Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll as a motivating factor

You are anyway the focus at every party, the favorite of your classmates and you would like at any party even so shine music hang. Then you all women would adore and you could have a new girlfriend every week. Oh what a, take a night three girls home. You’re the king of the world, get into every club and the bosses reservations every night a VIP table for you and your groupies.

This stereotype of DJs as heartthrob I have somewhat exaggerated. If you really want to break open only girls, google for “pick up artist”, about you coming faster.

DJing has something of power. But with great power comes responsibility. This statement you can Konrad Adenauer or Spiderman attribute. The temptations are great and could you easily develop into an arrogant asshole.

Maybe you motivated quite a different factor than music, money or prestige. The three examples of the above I want to help you to answer the question: why do you want to you that at all do everything “?

If you you about already aware’re super. If not, now is a good time to do it.

Start a simple test run without major investment

Before I focus on something new, and invest a lot of money, I test my ideas beforehand prefer. So I suggest you before: Try first whether you could make any long-term fun DJing.

I used to, for example, spend hours researching how I set the turntable optimal.The needle should not jump when I touch the record. I have all the scientific treatises on the ideal weight applied research, looked at all DJ blogs and video tutorials on the subject.

At this stage, I have known all sorts of difficulties of turntablism DJs who were much more than I do. Finally, I stood in front of a mountain of information and do not have anything done.

And I have an important point overlooked: even tried I did not have the different coating weights.

I would just have to try it to see if my turntable needle ever so bad bounces, as I have read it everywhere. Instead, I waited that I would reveal an ideal solution.Of course that never happened.

So before you invest in great Mixers, great MIDI controllers, CD players and music systems, I would try the simplest means first if you hang fun music.

As a DJ I started in the nursery by I put the CD player of my parents next to my CD player. So that I could play a song after another. At this point I did not even have a mixer. This normal hi-fi equipment, I have played the music even with larger parties.

Quite so minimalist you need not start today. If you have a computer or laptop, you can now instantly download your first DJ software and get started. More you do not need.